Category: Product Design

  • Can you land a UX job without a design background?

    “I didn’t study design, why would they hire me?” I hear comments like this all the time. People tell me they worry about not being great at graphic design, that they didn’t go to design school. Maybe they studied something completely unrelated, why would anyone hire them to do UX or product design? The crazy […]

  • Why should UX design with business goals in mind?

    Business goals are often not seen as human centred. Sometimes they’re even at odds with what we as designers are trying to to do. But without achieving our business goals the project will, eventually, stop existing. For years we’ve been the champions of our end users in businesses the world over. But with our new […]

  • What to do when you have to design without Personas

    I’ve been stuck at this place more than once. My client, or employer, asks me to design some thing without a clear user persona. Sometimes there aren’t any personas defined at all. I’ve both had and heard endless conversations where designers explain that human centered design needs a persona, or real user, to work from […]